Meeting consistently with other people who are following Christ.

"A new command I give you. Love one another." John 13:34
The Goal: Form healthy relationships that promote spiritual growth.
"Get In" Membership Class
Learn the history, mission, vision, values, and beliefs of River City Community Church.
Grouplink is a two-hour relational event that allows you to meet people in a similar stage-of-life and location of town close to you.

"My husband and I first came to River City in June of 2018 as a result of an invitation of my husband’s cousin that we just happen to meet up with at a family funeral in another city. After researching, shopping and many church “try on’s”, we knew the second we experienced the ‘realness’ of River City we had found the perfect fit. We both agreed that THIS was home. Shortly after attending regularly we heard about GroupLink and decided to attend. We were able to choose a group of peers that were in the same stage of life that we were and it didn’t take long until the benefits of being in a small group began to manifest. Instantly I felt the sense of belonging and experienced the awesomeness of being real before each other, safe without judgement, and prayer and loving support. Right around this same time I felt God calling me to get involved with the Children’s ministry as this was an area I knew I loved and could be a help in. This church found a perfect fit for me and it continues to be so fulfilling to be involved and not to mention the fun I have. We took the membership class and we are now members. I am so grateful for the stress free ease of getting involved and the way in which I have been supported and fully equipped to serve by the leadership of this church. This has given me such a great sense of connection and not only the greatness of that, I am being used with my own special gifts, growing and learning and I honestly feel like I am a valuable player on a Championship Team!! I am thankful for River City Community Church."

Margie Pfeiler