Practicing new faith-building habits.

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21
The Goal: Grow in faith and obedience to Jesus.
Knowing God Series
Learn the basic practices that will help you grow into Christ-likeness. You will be equipped with the skills you need to turn these skills into habits.
Begin Tithing Faithfully
I want to thank you for supporting this ministry. As you give, would you consider automating your giving? Automated givers help us to be more efficient and effective in planning and running the ministries of this church which impact our community and the world.
Sean Azzaro - Senior Pastor, River City Community Church
Bible Studies
These classes will help you learn how to activate and increase your faith, eliminate fear, deal with past offenses.
Marriage, Family, & Finance
Designed and crafted by God, marriage isn't always easy, but the Bible has specific instructions to help your marriage succeed. River City offers various resources to help you start, strengthen, or restore your marriage.
Support & Recovery?
You are not alone. Sometimes when life gets difficult, we need to shift our focus to God who loves us and cares about us.
Pastoral Leadership Institute
Whether pursuing MC credentials or improving your serve, meeting prescribed educational requirements or selectively cherry-picking, PLI courses could provide just what you're looking for! All courses meet weekly in an online classroom and include required reading, assigned writing, and hands-on projects.

Our journey to River City was a path filled with the joy of service, blessed by life-long relationships, contrasted by broken promises, lying betrayals and hurts. Some of those hurts were so deep and ruinous that we thought we would never be able get over them. Our thinking became toxic and our growth in Christ had come to a screeching halt. Many of our relationships changed or died altogether. How could the people you trusted the most in the church be so cruel? These emotions empowered the hurt and un-forgiveness. As anger and bitterness began to grow in us, we allowed it to dominate our thoughts and stunt our Spiritual growth! We were not able or desirous of being used by God at all! Fortunately, that when we landed on the River City Campus there were people here from our past that were a part of those “blessed life-long relationships”. They just loved us where we were, challenged us to forgive the offenses and press on to know the LORD! In time the process of forgiveness facilitated healing, and healing facilitated the return of Spiritual growth. Spiritual growth always puts Christ back on the Throne in our hearts. That spiritual growth translated into helping lead our Pastoral Leadership Institute for people in our congregation to further their theological knowledge and gain their pastoral ordination. Since then, we have had the pleasure of ordaining 3 people who completed the 2 years of classes. Today, my wife and I have regained a growing, healthy, and vibrant relationship with Christ. He has given us the grace to forgive and restore many of the relationships with those that wounded us, as well as, those wounded by us. We are sharing, serving and teaching as we grow in His love and grace.

Winthrop Head